Central Vestibular Disorders and HINTS Testing

The course will review the features of central nervous system disorders that may present with vestibular-related issues. Content will include a detailed discussion of vertebrobasilar insufficiency, cerebellar-origin dizziness (including Chiari malformation), multiple sclerosis, and white matter disease. To enhance the clinician’s ability to recognize concerning examination findings, a series of video-based examples of CNS-origin ocular impairments will be reviewed. Indications, application, and interpretation of bedside HINTS will be reviewed to increase recognition of potentially sinister causes of vestibular symptoms. Video examples of the components of HINTS testing will be shared. The course is appropriate for audiologists and occupational/physical therapists and assistants.

Course details: https://www.medbridgeeducation.com/a/jeff-walter/?a_aid=1178&a_cid=7adaa76a