Hybrid Vestibular Assessment & Management Certification

Vestibular Assessment and Management is AIB’s most comprehensive program, consisting of a complete look at the dizzy patient’s management both from a diagnostic and rehabilitation approach. Learn the full spectrum of care via evidence-based protocols and strategies designed to provide the clinician with the necessary tools to offer a more efficient and productive means of management for the chronic dizzy patient. This combined 37-hour course consists of 12 hours of self-paced online content, followed by a three-day, 25- hour, live, hands-on course.

The Hybrid platform allows the clinician the flexibility to complete the online portion of the course at a self-pace without the demand of attending a pre-determined, scheduled workshop. After completion of the online component, participants have the option to attend the one-day hands-on clinical competency course.  For a list of certification workshops, visit dizzy.com/workshops.

Course details: https://dizzy.com/product/hybrid-workshopvestibular-assessment-management-certification/