Progressive Vestibular Treatments for the over 60 Population

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Understanding the fundamentals of how to perform specific tests and the reasoning for testing is essential information for any clinician to establish a comprehensive program in today’s healthcare environment appropriately. With limited time and visits, it is pertinent to have a good grasp of the appropriate tests to perform and treatments to utilize to reach a positive outcome. This course starts off with the fundamental question: What is dizziness, and what can cause it? Discussion into the factors that can lead to a patient complaining of a feeling dizzy or “feeling just not right in the head?” will progress toward specific tests and treatments that are most beneficial in treating the “Dizzy, elderly population.” Expect to learn about the components involved in the ocular motor examination, how to perform the tests and treatment ideas to enhance function. Throughout the demonstrated exam, the instructor provides extensive scenarios on potential outcomes and how to progress with each one. This course is progressed with balance and BPPV testing and treatment.
This class is an excellent review for therapists who already have basic knowledge of the vestibular system. This course focuses on the evaluation and treatment of the elderly population. However, the tests and treatment methods can be applied to most vestibular patients.

This course is applicable for PT, PTA, OT, and AT.

AOTA: This course’s Professional activity focuses on Foundation Knowledge for the Occupational Therapist. Topics related to the diagnosis and conditions encountered by OT practitioners and provide medical information, background, and context relevant to occupational therapy practice. PD activities focus on diagnosis and conditions, neuroscience, and behavior.

Athletic Trainers: BOC provider #P2047, category A.

Instructor: Barry Morgan, PT, North American Seminars, Inc

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