Sports Concussion - an Evidence-Based Course

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This is a self-paced online course.

There are between 1.7 and 3 million sports concussions per year. Many concussions still go undiagnosed or under-diagnosed, which in turn costs the athlete valuable time and the medical system unneeded costs. Medical professionals trained in concussion management that have a structured team approach to pre and post-management of concussions tend to have better outcomes, which lead to an overall better quality of life for their clients/athletes.

This advanced-level course provides you with a deep understanding of the pathophysiology of sport-related concussion, how it’s currently being diagnosed, and management strategies based on evidence in the most recent consensus statement that came out of our Concussion in Sport Group of Berlin in 2016.

This course is applicable for PT, OT, and AT.

AOTA: This course’s Professional activity focuses on Foundation Knowledge for the Occupational Therapist. Topics related to the diagnosis and conditions encountered by OT practitioners and provide medical information, background, and context relevant to occupational therapy practice. PD activities focus on diagnosis and conditions, neuroscience, and behavior.

Athletic Trainers: BOC provider #P2047, category A.

Instructor: Becky Bliss, PT, DPT, NCS, North American Seminars, Inc

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