Vestibular Examination: Postural Control Testing

Balance testing provides valuable insight into the functional impact of a vestibular disorder. Postural control testing can offer information into how efficiently vestibular cues are being utilized for balance. Instruction will emphasize common postural control tests utilized in individuals with vestibular disorders. Content will focus on proper selection, administration, and interpretation of balance testing. Bedside postural control testing will be discussed, including the Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction in Balance. Use of performance-based measures will be reviewed, including the Timed Up and Go Test, Four-Square Step Test, 5-Times Sit-to-Stand Test, and the Dynamic Gait Index. Indications of high fall risk will be discussed, along with traits of a “functional” balance disorder. Video examples will be provided to reinforce content. The course is appropriate for audiologists and occupational/physical therapists and assistants.

Course details: