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The Life Rebalanced Chronicles vignettes are short stories from the cast of our six-part docuseries, the Life Rebalanced Chronicles (LRC), produced by filmmarker Kimberly Warner.

Advocacy Rebalanced

Advocacy Rebalanced tells the story of David Morrill who, after a stroke left him with chronic vertigo and dizziness, found meaning through his work advocating for the vestibular community. Among his many acts of service, he founded the VeDA Ambassador program and leads an online support group. David has touched countless lives and enriched his own life in the process.

Sensory Rebalanced

Many people who suffer from vestibular dysfunction are sensitive to light, sound, and visual stimuli. Learning to recognize and manage these sensory sensitivities greatly improves their quality of life. In this video, vestibular patient Rishi shares his experience and coping strategies, including yoga, meditation, and use of FL-41 blue light blocking lenses by Axon Optics.

Walking Rebalanced

Lynn was struck with an autoimmune inner ear disorder that robbed her of balance, hearing, and independence. Recently, she started using walking poles by Urban Poling and she finds that “they offer a different kind of support than a cane. My weight is shifted evenly, which gives me better balance.” Find out more about how Lynn is taking steps to regain her balance.

Motherhood Rebalanced

After being diagnosed with Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS) Sandy thought she wouldn't be able to have a baby. She was worried about her ability to be a good mother, due to her disorder, but her MdDS has shown her a new way of looking at life and motherhood.

Love Rebalanced

Alicia was diagnosed with vestibular migraine a little over one year into her marriage. "There were times when I wasn't sure my husband would still love me," she confesses. Learn how they grew together as a result of their shared experience.


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