Mission, Vision, Values


To support and empower vestibular patients on their journey back to balance.


We envision a world where vestibular disorders are widely understood, rapidly diagnosed, and effectively treated so patients can restore balance and regain life.


VeDA recognizes our responsibility to be a champion for the vestibular community and to achieve measurable results.

In valuing all members of the vestibular community –

  • VeDA serves all people with vestibular disorders with dedication, understanding and compassion.
  • VeDA engages vestibular professionals with respect and appreciation for their service.
  • VeDA values its donors and is committed to ethical and responsible stewardship of donor’s funds.

In conducting our business, VeDA operates with transparency and credibility and is always trustworthy.

In valuing our staff, Board, Medical Advisers and volunteers, VeDA actively promotes integrity, respect for different perspectives, innovation and accountability.

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