Donate Your Ears to Research

National Temporal Bone Registry

The NIDCD National Temporal Bone, Hearing and Balance Pathology Resource Registry (the Registry) is a non-profit organization established in 1992 by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) of the National Institutes of Health. The Registry serves as a resource for the public and scientific communities about research on the pathology of the human auditory and vestibular systems.

The Registry serves the public and scientific communities by providing the following the resources:

  • Enrollment of temporal bone donors
  • A 24-hour nationwide network to procure temporal bones after a donor’s death
  • A computerized database of human temporal bone collections in the United States Dissemination of public information on temporal bone donation
  • Publication of the Registry, a semi-annual newsletter for the public and researchers
  • Conservation of existing human temporal bone collections Professional educational activities for physicians and scientists in the area of temporal bone research

The scientific study of your ears can be of great medical value, whether or not you have any type of ear problem. To learn more about the registry and how you enroll, visit the National Temporal Bone Registry website, or call them at:

24-Hour Toll-Free Hotline: (800) 822-1327
In Boston: (617) 573-3711
TTY: (617) 573-3888
Toll-Free TTY: (888) 561-3277