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APTA’s Clinical Practice Guidelines for Vestibular Hypofunction

The American Physical Therapy Association's (APTA) Neurology Section has recently announced new Clinical Practice Guidelines for Vestibular Hypofunction. Background Uncompensated vestibular hypofunction results in postural instability, visual blurring with head movement, and subjective complaints of

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Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency Screening

Screening for vascular supply problems of the brain can assist in the clinician’s differential diagnosis and greatly benefit the dizzy and/or balance-impaired patient. Incorporating Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency Screening Into Your Positioning and Positional Videonystagmography Routine Authors: Frederick


More than 1 in 20 U.S. children have dizziness and balance problems

More than 1 in 20 (nearly 3.3 million) children between the ages of 3 and 17 have a dizziness or balance problem, according to an analysis of the first large-scale, nationally representative survey of these


Mal de Debarquement Survey Results

A survey of MdDS patients was conducted by a patient support group in Australia and reports on demographics, diagnosis, symptoms, and treatments used. MdDS AUSTRALIA COMMUNITY SURVEY – December 2015 Prepared by: Chris Daws, Leader


2016 Fellows in Diagnostic Safety Announced

The Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM) announces the first-ever SIDM Fellows in Diagnostic Safety. The fellowship initiative is important to SIDM's mission of raising the bar on diagnostic safety. Through it they identify


Cognitive and Neurobehavioral Functional Outcomes Before and After Otic Capsule Repair

Research study demonstrates that cognitive dysfunction in patients with otic capsule defects can be measured and that improvements in depression and cognitive function can be accomplished with appropriate, targeted, vestibular surgery.(From Abstract; click here to


VeDA Partners With Retired NHL Player, Bryce Salvador

National Hockey League (NHL) Stanley Cup finalist and former captain of the New Jersey Devils, Bryce Salvador, has partnered with VeDA to educate, inform and advocate for vestibular patients. FORMER NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE CAPTAIN BRYCE


Champions of Vestibular Medicine

The Vestibular Disorders Association (VeDA) announces the annual VeDA Champion of Vestibular Medicine Award initiative to increase awareness of vestibular disorders that affect the inner ear and brain. 2015 award recipients include Susan Whitney, DPT,


Survey Results: Damage Caused By Gentamicin

Dr. Ann Kerlin surveyed patients who suffer from vestibular dysfunction as a result of gentamicin poisoning. In this article she summarizes her findings. Daily Struggles for Vestibular Patients by Ann M. Kerlin, Ph.D., L.P.C. A


Traditional Chinese Medicine to Manage Vestibular Disorders

TCM has been used for thousands of years to treat a myriad of illnesses, including inner ear balance problems. By Alice Rader R.D., CDE, Dr. P.H. With the 2015 Nobel Prize in medicine being