Tinnitus, Hearing Loss, Musicians, and Hope: A Case Study

Recently, VeDA Ambassador Glenn Schweitzer spoke about tinnitus on a podcast called Blurred Laws and Life, hosted by Richard Busch, a prominent lawyer in the music industry.

What made this interview truly special is that Scott Schreer, an incredibly talented and successful musician, who is currently one of Glenn’s tinnitus coaching clients, came on the podcast with Glenn to share his story.

Scott has had a long career in the music industry as a musician, composer, producer, and entrepreneur: He composed the music for the NFLMLBNascarUFC, just to name a few, as well as many other TV networks, movies, and shows. Scott is also founder and CEO of two successful technology companies: Tunesat and FreePlay Music.

Scott’s story is a powerful one. He suffers from a severe case of tinnitus and kept it secret for most of his professional career. But he has been making great progress with habituation. His story is one that all tinnitus sufferers will hopefully find truly inspirational.

Tinnitus in the Music Industry

Tinnitus affects roughly 10% of the general population, but in the music industry that number is closer to 40-50%.

Sadly, very few musicians talk about their tinnitus, because they believe that it risks their reputation. Many suffer in isolation, facing more difficulty than the average sufferer whose livelihood doesn’t rely on hearing clearly.

Click here to listen to listen to the full podcast.

This post originally appeared RewiringTinnitus.com and was reprinted with permission of the author.