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Covid-19 Vaccine side effects

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@nresearcher thanks so much for the response has anybody else had anything similar ?

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@spraif hi I had similar symptoms to everything in here I assume I should stay away from my 4th shot as I am 24 years old

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Posted by: @sweetie

@margaret2022 i can understand what you are going through. We will overcome this one day. Please be positive.

I did do the antibodies test once again after my 42 day course of vedicinals. N the current range is 3350 Au/ml. I am really confused if all our symptoms are something to do with antibody or no. I have never got a proper response from the doctors. My hubby too did his antibodies test, just to figure out where it stands & his range is 31000Au/ml. Touchwood, he has no such issues. But this antibodies stuff is oh so confusing. Can someone throw light on this pls

It might not even be related, it’s just nice to know, kinda get everything out there information wise. Every piece of the puzzle counts. the info in this forum could be helpful for others. That sort of thing. The antibody level for your hubby is insanely high and he’s not experiencing anything to ehh. That’s good for him though. How many vaccines did he get? And how long after did he check his levels after his vaccine? I’d be curious to know that. My 3rd dose levels 4 months post vaccine was 1927 u/ml. And I had the eye and ear issues and all the other symptoms I listed.with your hubbys levels and no side effects is wild. But thanks for the positive vibes. Good days and bad days for me. It’s hard. Really hard. But I try to be positive I feel like if I let it out and vent it’s not so bad after. Especially in this forum where a lot of ppl are in the same boat as us. It helps. But I can’t help but feel bad for a lot of us. I wish I could be of help. I guess it doesn’t help when I come on here and whine and complain about it. Lol sorry guys. I’ll try to be more positive. Have a good nights. Ohh yeah and still no results i called life labs and they said it goes all the way to Toronto Ontario to get processed. Which is 8 hours from the place I did my blood work. It’ll be 2 weeks tomorrow. Night

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Hi all, reporting back from my experience at the alpstein clinic after my treatments of INUSpherese.

A bit of background - my symptoms started after my 3rd booster (mordena) in dec 2021 and it has now been 9 months. I have had almost every symptom under the Sun but my most persistent are low blood pressure, tinnitus, different types of headaches/migraines, faintness, imbalance, metallic taste, eye pain, tremors, digestive issues, palpitations, chest tightness, nerve pain, tingling, burning, throat pain, muscle spasms, visual disturbances, anxiety, tachycardia and fatigue.

After my initial consultation with the Alpstein clinic, I was recommended the following treatment plan;

  • Dental exam
  • OPT scanning
  • Dental prophylaxis
  • Thermography
  • Lab testing
  • Global Diagnostics
  • Darkfield microscopy
  • Heart rate variability 
  • Neural therapy
  • Infusions
  • Ozone treatments
  • Organopeptide treatments
  • Colon hydro therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Magnetic field treatments
  • Iratherm (Hyperthermia treatment)
  • INUSpherese® treatments
  • Nutritious counseling
  • Psych consults
  • Homeopathic treatments

Arriving at the clinic, it was all very organized and proffessional and you immediately feel part of their family. Dr. Oettmeier, head of the clinic, is very caring and knowledgeable and took his time to explain all in detail. For the first time I felt fully understood and no symptom was too irrelevant to mention. He conducted a dark field microscopy and provided a full report on his findings. Along with my other diagnostic tests, I was found to have;

High levels of cytokines (IL-6, IL-10, IL-4)

High tumor necrosis factor alpha

High oxidative stress

Excessive toxic load

Acidic body

Anemia (which no previous blood test was able to reveal)

Poor blood circulation and oxygen saturation

Mitochondria dysfunction

I had 2 INUSpheresis treatments, each lasted 2 hours and took place in their specialized INUS centre. The team were warm and incredibly efficient and I was made to feel comfortable throughout. I did not feel any side effects during the treatment however there is a risk of side effects and you are informed of this beforehand. After the treatment I felt an immediate change in my body and can only describe the feeling as floating on clouds. My tremors where particularly bad the proceeding nights and I was very restless but strangely enough not exhausted as I would normally be the following morning. I was told to expect a spike in symptoms as the body’s immune system is triggered whilst it tries to clear any remaining pathogens. In the following days my energy levels increased significantly, my tinnitus improved and my general appearance looked brighter and vibrant (I no longer looked like a dead man walking!).

I am on a 3 month prescription of the following meds;


Vit C (Immune support/antioxidant)

Iron (for anemia)

Fish oils (antioxidant)

Zinc (immune support)

Vit B complex (Nerve support)

Magnesium (CNS support/muscle relaxer)

L-lysin (essential amino acid)

Brain PS (brain cell regeneration)

Q-10 (cellular repair)

NAC (essential detoxifier)

Lions Mane (nervous system support/ anti-inflammatory, immune support)


Ceres solidago (kidney support)

Ceres taraxacum (liver support)

Ceres geranium UT (lymphatic system support)

Organ/intestinal support-

Omni biotic stress repair (probiotic)

Biogena colon balance (prebiotic)

Mucor rac (stabilize blood quality)

Phytocortal (cortisol production, adrenal gland support)


Galgantum (galangal extract/Quercetin/curcumin - mitochondrial support)

Blood clotting-

Low dose aspirin 75mg (take cautiously whilst on NAC)

Balancing vegetative system-

PROcluster 75mg


Procain (anti inflammatory, anti oxidative, balancing vegetative system)

Immuno complex (high dose amino acids complex, immune stimulation, treatment for cancer)

Alpha lipoid acid (to support detox and stabilization of nerve membranes)


Glutathione (high strength detox to target free radicals)

Organopeptide Gland supraren 20 (adrenal support)

Organopeptide Cortex cerebrum 11 (brain support)

Organopeptide Mesenchym 4 (umbilical support)

Organopeptide NeyCThytmin 51 (endocrine gland support)

Acute infection support-



It has now been 4 weeks since my experience at the alpstein clinic and I can honestly say that I’ve come away from it with a new lease of life. The intensity of Dr. Oettmeier’s approach aswell as all the advanced and innovative treatments I received have given my body the reset it needed. I have seen a huge improvement in all of my symptoms, notably, my nervous system is more stable and I don’t feel as anxious or jittery. I am not having palpitations or adrenaline dumps anywhere near the amount or severity as before and my energy levels are good, I’m able to go about my daily activities without feeling depleted. My headaches have almost completely disappeared and my heat intolerance has also improved although I continue to be cautious. My digestive issues have also improved and my leaky gut stabilized. The downsides are that whenever I get stressed my symptoms return to a degree particularly the tinnitus so following on with weekly mindfulness is extremely important. However even with this said, my baseline is in a much better place and I am able to handle stress a lot better. Psychology is a very important part of our recovery and we must believe that our bodies will recover with time being our greatest healer.

I cannot say for certain that all my improvements are down to the INUSpheresis, not everyone will have the same experience as me but all of my family members and support system have seen a positive change. This will not be the last of my treatments and I plan to have another round of INUS in 4-5 months. Treatments, drugs and trials are fast emerging and I believe that soon enough we will all have effective targeted medicines that are easily accessible.

I hope the above can help anyone considering INUSpherese. I’m happy to answer any questions or elaborate further on my results and treament plans. I attach a lovely photo of the Alpstein clinic in the beautiful picturesque town of Gais, Switzerland and I have lots of videos and pictures if anyone is interested in seeing some of the treatments like the INUS or dark field microscopy.

Wishing us all a full recovery.


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Update: A brief history, I got a sudden tinnitus spike in January, 6 weeks after my booster shot.  It got better after a few months, maybe helped with a new vitamin regimen.  I then got a relapse tinnitus spike in the June/July timeframe.  It is as bad, if not worse, than the original spike.  It is noticeable all day long and is extremely frustrating.  It is definitely in my head and not in the ear itself, and seems to be primarily on my right side.  I am basically resigned to the fact that this is a permanent damage caused by the covid vaccine.  Now I am afraid to do anything that may make it worse; simple things like play my electric guitar, go out to noisy events like plays or to a bar/club.  I don't even want to take any meds or take other shots, like the flu vaccine.  If this high-pitched screech gets much worse it will definitely contribute to anxiety and/or depression.  If you had similar issues and had them resolve, I'd be grateful to hear your story.  To all other sufferers out there, with whatever horror side effects you may have from these horrid vaccines, let's stick together and try to stay positive. 

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I had vertigo followed by months of balance problems and occasional flashes of vertigo after each of three COVID vaccines (Pfizer, Pfizer, Moderna). Four days ago I had the bivalent Pfizer with no vertigo and no balance problems. I wonder why. 

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@jwills1 Thank you for your update. I have been wondering how you were going. That's a long list of things to take etc. I presume you live in the States. Is it possible to get all of this back home?  I am really please you have noticed significant improvement. That's great to hear!!

Oh I am interested in your video and anything you want to share. Thanks 

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@buzzgirl Thank you. I feel remarkably better and would absolutely recommend INUSpherese for anyone considering it. I should’ve mentioned that my POTS episodes have also lessened significantly, this was one my biggest issues before.  

It is a very long list of medications but the approach by Dr. Oettmeier is to target every area of the body that needs support and his clinic has very modern technologies to identify these areas through a variety of tests. My treatment plan may not be recommended for the next person and I would not advise anyone to take these medications without consulting with their Dr. however wanted to be completed transparent about my experience. 

Apologies, I did not mention that I am also taking NAC and Glutamine. I have seen these recommended on online forums and was glad to have them recommend by a medical proffessional too. 

I live in the UK and was provided a bag containing my prescriptions including a letter to immigration. I had no problems traveling with these and was told of other patients traveling back to the US without any issues.

The infusions have been the most helpful because they are better absorbed, particularly procain which is known to go beyond the brain barrier. It is a form of anesthetic which targets inflammation and mast cells. PROcluster has also been a game changer for me and I attach a couple of articles for both with information on how they help post Covid/Vaccine syndrome. 

I will create a little video of my treatments and upload shortly.



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I'll be brief. 

I reluctantly got the first Phizer shot in June 2020. Second dose in May 2021. Since then; even now 15 months later; he is a list of things happening to me.

-Left and right arm numbness/tingles.

-Chest pains.

-Stomach pains. Gas. Bloating.

-Wake up frequently with lower back pain unlike anything I've ever felt before. Very stiff feeling. Hurts to move. 

-Dry,sore ichy throat. 

-Desperate urination/increased frequency. 

-Stiff neck/shoulders.

-Headaches/Body aches that feel very simular to covid.


-Constantly tired/irregular sleep


-Blurred vision

-Difficulty focusing/remembering

P.s. I got covid a 2nd time even after double vaccinated. I DID NOT get the booster shot, though my doctor Is still pushing for it.


Anyone else with 2 vaccinations having simular issues? 

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@jwills1 Thanks for your reply. I live in Australia. I imagine the infusions were done in Switzerland? Do you have a prescription to get these repeated or have it with you (from Switzerland) so your UK doctor/s can assist? We are behind here in Australia. 

Thank you for your transparency. We all appreciate. I agree with you that your treatment plan is specific to you, althoughy there might be some overlap with others.  How's your sfn now?

I will check out more about what you have posted.

Do you have any idea on how long you will be on the treatment plan for?

Thank you

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In this presentation of a study about Long Covid is proposed a natural remedy called Immulina (at minute 41):

It can be assumed that Immulina could also be useful in case of side effects.

On the German market Immulina is found, for example, in the product named immunLoges:

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Hello all, happy to have found this thread to help me feel like I'm not alone. I was in great health, ate pretty clean and excersized everyday. Never got sick and never tested positive for covid even after sharing space with covid positive people. Here is how my symptoms have been going. I had two pfizer jabs April and May of 21 to go on a trip and about 2 months ago began having issues out of nowhere. Started with stabbing pelvic/testicle pain. Doctors put me on antibiotics which helped for a couple days then led to me almost passing out one day standing at my desk and having dizziness after. A week later numbness in arms and legs mostly when I lay down to try to sleep. I stopped taking antibiotics and those symptoms were followed by waves of anxiety, heart racing/palpitations, light headed, shaky, weird aches and pains, shortness of breathe. Was laid up in bed for about a week. I've been to ER once, Urgent Care twice, and a couple doctors which everything has come back normal. Still going to see cardiologist to check for micro clotting and neurology just to see if anything comes back but everywhere is taking AT LEAST a month to get into. The earliest Neruo appointment I could get was 4 months out. Healthcare system is swamped. 

Thankfully my mom (who I haven't talked to in years) was familiar with post vax FLCCC protocol. About 3 weeks ago I changed diet no caffeine, alcohol, carbonation, sugar, dairy, gluten (whatever I noticed makes me worse.) I had biofeedback therapy which pinpointed infection throughout my body so I am taking colloidal silver and oil of oregano and eating food to help fight infection. I'm on the FLCCC protocol  Im about 2 weeks to that in and I changed a lot of it all at once so not 100% sure what is helping but I'm def feeling a bit better, life is more manageable. Dizziness is still the only thing that is still regularly bothering me as Im pretty dizzy and can't focus 24/7 and the arm and leg numbness has decreased and comes and goes. Planning to keep on the way Im heading and will try to update everyone if anything else noticeably improves!

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Forgot to mention my other symptoms I have now that I also had last January. My head feels constantly, 24/7, like someone pumped air into it, giving me chronic mild pressure/headache. Also my shoulder and neck muscles are tight and sore as hell all the way up the back of my head. Has to be inflammation related. These seem to be related to my tinnitus spikes. Anybody having the same issues?

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Hey, 27 year old male with no prior health issues as well. I’m having the same HR problems with it jumping higher than normal with any kind of exercise or activity and it dropping in low 40s when relaxed or sleeping. Just seeing if you ever found any relief or the doctors came up with anything? Thanks, 

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@nintendoswitch86 the joint pain, fatique and lower back pain I can relate to that yeah, 9 months since my booster but I am not seeing improvements

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