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[Solved] Question regarding eye sight and eye strain  


Miranda Pylypiuk
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18/09/2020 9:23 am  

Hi there, I have a question about eye strain. Is it common to have eye strain with PPPD and Vestibular Migraine? I wear glasses but they are a very mild prescription. I've seen my optometrist in Jan (I have a yearly exam done) and my eyes are heathy but I find that there is this constant eye pressure behind my eyes and my eyes seem like they are straining all the time to focus. Is this common?

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Susi Thompson
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18/09/2020 12:08 pm  

Hi Miranda, The main problem I've experienced for over 2 years is constant pressure (of varying degrees) and sometime sharp pain behind my right eye, on top of most PPPD symptoms. I've seen multiple doctor's since, and recently was diagnosed with "Subjective Vertigo & Headaches with Migrainous Features".   Of course many early doctors blew off the PPPD symptoms as stress and psychological problems... but I know better now!  Current neurologist will be talking to be about PPPD symptoms on an upcoming visit while still trying to find relief for the eye pain/pressure.