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Resource guide & article as well as future financial support for folks!

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I put together this resource list for the many different symptoms we deal with (there’s a whole section for dizziness/vm). I keep adding to it as I hear of more resources and I hope you add anything to it too and feel free to share with whoever! I love all of you and am in the Bay Area and travel on and off for work so if you ever want to connect even virtually don’t hesitate to message as I know how isolating this condition can be.

Migraine Again also wrote a great article on what it’s like with our condition that was posted before: I mention it as Jeopardy still hasn’t sent me my prize money but when they do I’ll be messaging the forum to see if anyone needs financial assistance with care for this that isn’t being covered by insurance and hopefully I’ll be getting more folks to contribute beyond those who’ve already said they’d match me. Y’all are the best for fighting through this horrible condition and I definitely struggle with depression from it and try to fill my life with contentment when I can so if you ever need a reason to be grateful or content or happy I can send pics of my large cat as that usually helps! Love Nicky