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Bilateral vestibular loss

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Hi everyone my name is John and I live in the UK. I have recently been diagnosed with total bilateral vestibular loss due to an unknown cause which is still being investigated. The diagnosis took 18 months and about 6 ENT appointments. I first started getting symptoms of vertigo unsteadiness nausea oscillopcia brain fog in February 2020 which is roughly the same time covid broke out big time!! The ENT doctor has told me I will never be normal as my vestibular system is dead. There are no treatments or operations to fix it either. Has anyone with my condition benefited from physical therapy or is it just a waste of time. I'm 51 can no longer work but try to keep active but no where near how active I was because it just ain't fun, even walking or the gym makes me feel unwell. Taking ginger root capsules that helps with the nausea only take anti sickness tablets when I have a vertigo attack. Please share your advice and stories as I don't know what else to do.