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Covid-19 China Virus =Vestibualr

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  1. Got covid June 10
  2. Woke up with extreme Virtigo June 16th
  3. 2 weeks courentine passed didn't get better
  4. Went to boyfriend's house so he could keep an eye on me, still spinning, had to be assistance on walks.
  5. Tried meds, got rash, stopped meds.
  6. Printed off the pages of this site and started asking for help.
  7. 3 forest fires in my area, 100 degree 90 degree heat developed ear aches and constant head aches.
  8. Came to the coast to mom's no relief, no aches.
  9. Try to get into UWMC specialists. Got all my referals sent over way before I came over. Came over end of July, still no appointments made.
  10. Started looking for therapists in my.moms area. Success, made ap PT.