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Blood Pressure

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I have never had vertigo before and woke up with it on May 12, followed by vomiting for two days. Given Meclizine at the ER and told to see my Primary Care Provider. Could not get an appointment but got some relief with a chiropractor. On June 4 my blood pressure spiked to 197/115, went to the ER on June 5 and told to go see a cardiologist. Saw my PCP on June 24 and a PT on June 25, who diagnosed BPPV. On June 8 cardiologist changed my medication but high BP and vertigo continued. My question: is there a relationship between high blood pressure and Vertigo?

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High blood pressure can cause dizziness due to increased stress on the blood vessels and heart. This can lead to a lack of blood flow to the brain, causing a feeling of dizziness. Hypertension can also lead to problems with balance and coordination, which can increase the feeling of dizziness. If you have high blood pressure and dizziness, it is important to see your doctor for evaluation and appropriate treatment. This may include lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise, or taking medications to lower your blood pressure.