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Covid Related. What else explains it

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I’m now in a wheelchair if I want to leave the house.  It started after Covid and Covid 3rd Covid jab then worse after the 4th.  Walking from side to side then back bending over and unable to hold myself up. Symptoms of a stroke. Hospital and seems like every test done. MRI brain and spine. CT pelvis bladder and kidney. Heart Echo. Many bloods tests.  Nothing found to explain my symptoms.  Brain fog vertigo. When I was typing on my phone I would get what seemed like little blackouts.  My legs and movement below my waist feel like it’s been put to sleep and unable to wake up to function. I am doing physio exercises  to try and regain mobility and then have to sleep to regain some energy back.  Has anyone else had the same experience.  I know I have to look forward but having someone relate would be a help