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Hi I’m Nise. Ambien destroyed my vestibular system. I took it for 7 years as my doctor told me it was safe and said I needed it.

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I’m 26 months off the zolpidem and still suffering debilitating vestibular symptoms that mimic other disorders. The last 2-3 months I have finally improved enough to tolerate standing and walking although the floor still feels like a funhouse. It’s like I’m on a boat all day and night. Ataxia episodes as well. I’ve tried PT twice, vestibular therapy, chair yoga, etc etc NOTHING is helping. I can’t ride in a car or drive so I’m trapped in my home in my body. Every morning I wake up this is the first thing greeting me. I try to push through each day as best as I can. I’m at the mercy of these symptoms (when I can do this or that, for how long or if at all). Some days are better than others in that I can take a short walk but not far from my front door. But I am happy that I no longer need a caregiver. Oh…my now ex husband divorced me while going through this completely bedridden to add fire to the flame! So I’m alone here most of the time. I want so badly to try to walk further to see if I can but because I’m alone, I fear falling on concrete. Anyone else? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated, 

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