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Long Haulers Covid19 Vaccine Adverse Reactions

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Had my 2nd Pfizer vaccine shot in January. Adverse reaction of severe dizziness not until March 13, 2021. Have episodes of nausea too. Tons of test, all negative so far. Start to feel like symptoms are much less then following day is really bad. Increased dizziness along with moderate nausea and severe headache.  Anyone out there having these adverse effects beyond 14 weeks?

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Hi Bea, The beginnings of our adverse reactions are fairly close together. My vaccine was Moderna on 3/3/21 & my symptoms started 3/5/21. I have dizziness and nausea and I think that sometimes gives me a headache, but I also wakeup with one some days. I was really dismayed to wake up a week and a half ago in total relapse to where I had full-blown vertigo and nystagmus all over again. I've had a number of tests, with an MRI next Tuesday and a sinus CT still to come. The only one that came back abnormal was a rotary chair test that showed VOR (visual ocular reflex) dysfunction. My symptoms have really kept me guessing as to whether I'll be getting better or worse again next!

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I joined this site to see if anyone else is experiencing the same symptoms as me after the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  I have been having spasms in my arm and hand. Both of my hand's first thing in the morning is so tight that I can hardly grasp anything. In addition, one of my arms has spasms in the inner elbow and hands that are pretty painful throughout the day.

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Hi Bea. Yes I’ve had the vaccine back in January and experiencing vertigo (marked, almost continuously and for days) only recently.. so 6 months after. For me it’s very difficult to say when exactly this started because I am a migraine sufferer and I did experience spells of dizziness in the past after specific events such as a plane journey. Nothing as bad as this. I have no idea whether this is the vaccine, but I think it might be, having read of so many people having the same symptoms. I have started my long journey of tests this week and I’m hoping nothing serious comes up. All the best and let’s keep each other updated