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No diagnosis and getting discouraged

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I’ve been dealing with dizziness, but it’s inside my head.  Not vertigo because my surroundings are not moving/spinning.  Although they say it’s BPPV.  I was sick in November 2023 and that’s when it started.  It comes and goes with no rhyme or reason.  Never when I’m standing or walking (so far).  I’ve been to an ENT, seen an audiologist and have had a CT of my ears because they thought it might be “Superior semicircular canal dehiscence of right ear”.  Which by the looks of my CT report it was not.

I can’t live like this.  I can’t drive, watch my grandkids.  I hate being home alone because I’m afraid something will happen and it’s all getting depressing.  I would love any and all suggestions for any kind of help. 

Thank you

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