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Just diagnosed with PPPD

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I have Finally received a diagnosis yesterday to explain my dizziness and tremor, after 7 months of being passed around various departments, being on the NHS waiting list to see a neurologist for 7 months and STILL have to wait until January for an appointment, i decided to go privately and was Professor Bronstein in London,  I was initially told i potentially had Parkinson's by my GP, i was extremely happy to be told i had PPPD. 

My question is, I'm trying to find a trigger event, Back in September i had a bad time with Depression and Anxiety Shortly after that i notices mild symptoms that have got progressively worse over time,

Could the Episode of Depression and Anxiety be a trigger point?



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Hi Kev

I am so sorry for what you have been going through. Both the illness and frustrations of being diagnosed. This is one of my vestibular illnesses. In answer to your question, it is possible that anxiety and depression triggered the PPPD attacks due to the effect on the central nervous system and extra stress on the balance system. Other triggers can include: fatigue, sudden change in positions and places with very stimulating visuals (grocery stores, airports). I hope you will be able to get some improvement in your symptoms.