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Vertigo after pfizer vaccine

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I have no proof that getting both shots last April caused my severe vertigo, ongoing now for 6 months, but I had never had any issues with vertigo prior to last summer.


I also have since discovered I have bladder cancer, gastritis and reflux esophagitis.


I'm not young (63) but had been active walking, swimming, going on trips, generally taking very good care of myself, trying to make the most of life and stay healthy. I am on no meds.


My life was hijacked. Others here understand you cannot do even simple things to have any kind of life when you feel drunk and kikeveveruthing is spinning.


This site is the only one I know that has other stories of vaccine harm. I was not an anti-vaxxer, but now I wonder if this vertigo was caused by the shots and my already compromised immune system. Guess I will never know definitively.


I've had 3 VT sessions, but they haven't helped me at all.


I feel for all here dealing with this debilitating disease and pray all will receive complete healing.


I will update when there's a change.