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vertigo and bike-riding

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Hi vesties!


I'm a just-64 year young woman with BPPV.  During the pandemic, which was not long after my first experience with vertigo, i started having trouble riding my bike.  Sometimes it feels as if I'm unable to steer and I stop, to help me not fall.  Right hand turns are also difficult and I've been practicing them on grass.  I'm wondering if anyone besides me has difficulty or success riding a bike?  What I've noticed is that when my focus is further down the bike-route, I'm good.  However, where it is narrow, or has linear aspects (rails, shadows) I have a tough time and have fallen a few times.  Thankfully, my crashes have been slowwwww, and i have some bruises, but nothing serious.  

I'm looking for advice and or the shared experiences to see how I can improve my ability to ride safely.  Can anyone shed some light from their own experiences that might help me?  I have a life-long love of biking, and it is my favorite exercise.  


Thank you in advance,

debby from NYC


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Hello. Riding a bike can be scary when dealing with veritgo. Probably you are having visual symptoms that are affecting your focus while moving your head. And maybe turning in one direction is hard because that is the side where the vestibular weakness is located. Have you tried Vestibular Physical Therapy? A therapist who specializes in balance disorders can help you with moving safely and tips for bike riding. 

Also - did you have a formal diagnosis of bvvp? Any details on your condition or suggestions from the doctor?

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Have been avid biker before and after vestibular neuronitis.

When I bike I do well only if I am always looking straight ahead. If look to one side or the other I will start to drift off track. I do not use a mirror as that is a distraction and will result in drifting.

Bottom line is I can bike successfully!

How about pickleball? Are others able to play despite chronic vertigo?

Jeff Hatch (Massachusetts)