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How has your diet changed since your diagnosis, and has this been a good change or a stressful change?

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Hi! Not sure if this thread is still kicking ... but since my formal Meniere's diagnosis last May, I've cut out salt from my diet (along with alcohol and caffeine), and have cut back significantly on sugar. Of course there's naturally occuring sodium in foods - I basically don't add any in cooking, and only use low salt sauces and condiments sparingly. Not always easy - cooking at home is ok; we learn to be creative and it has helped the symptoms, so am motivated by that, but social eating is a massive challenge. My doctor has suggested trying to add some salt back into the diet to see what my tolerance level might be. Wondering what the best (and safest) way to do this might be and whether anyone has suggestions? Thank you!

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I almost stopped eating junk food but sometimes I can have a tiny portion to feel normal. I also have cut out salt and it was a hard for me, but I try not to eat it

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I used to eat a lot of junk food and sweets. After the diagnosis, I changed completely what I eat and when I eat.