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Best recipes for those with diet restrictions

David Morrill
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Throw out your best recipes or food ideas to help others that have food restrictions.

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I'm not a big cook, but I like to keep things simple by:

- chopping up fruits and veggies to have handy for snacks or dipping

- chopping up veggies that I can throw into a pasta, grain-free pasta, omelet, or scramble

- buying fresh rotisserie chicken meat for a quick sandwich or to put on top of a salad for protein

- buying pre-chopped options like sweet potatoes and broccoli that I can just put on a pan with chicken or fish and roast the whole thing in the oven with olive oil and seasoning

- making and freezing smoothie bags (usually with kale or spinach and a variety of fruits) to combine with a protein source (chia seeds, ground flax, lentils, nut butter) and some version of milk (oat, almond, regular, etc.) for a quick breakfast or healthy snack

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I keep an eye on sodium in condiments. A teaspoon here and a dollop there quickly adds up to my daily total