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Different experts diagnosis me with different vertigo issues

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Trying to get some thoughts on the best rehabilitative exercises to do for vertigo.  Ear noise and throat doctor sent me get physical therapy.  First PT said it was labyrinthitis and I should do eye exercises.  Second PT said it was BPPV in the left canal and we tried Epley and Semont-P maneuver for the left side.  None of it worked and seemed to make the vertigo worse.  Finally went to Audiologist for VNG test which showed BPPV in the right anterior canal.  Now I'm doing the Lempert maneuver on my own but it also seems to make the vertigo worse. 

Are there other manuevers that should consider that might help out?

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Hi, It can be frustrating when you see different providers who give you different information. My suggestion is to find a physical therapist who truly specializes in comprehensive vestibular rehabilitation. You will then receive a good working diagnosis which will allow you to receive the best, effective interventions. We can help you find a good PT, let us know.

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Try seeing a vestibular physiotherapist. He was able to diagnose my disorders and had a better handle on what I have than the ENT Dr. I saw for a diagnosis. Also found taking 2500 iu or the equivalent of Vitamin D3 really stopped the daily multiple vertigo attacks I was getting hammered with before taking the D3. Hope this helps.