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Thoughts anyone?

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Hi All, 

Ive have seen multiple doctors regarding the problems im having and I seem to get different answers. Years ago I would wake up in the morning and at times be dizzy. When this first began it would have every few months. In the past few months its been happening alot. Below are the symptoms that Im having. 


  • Wake up dizzy only in the mornings and randomly happens. 
  • Dizzyness lasts for hours.
  • As soon as I open my eyes its hard to focus and those are the days that I am dizzy
  • At times its so bad that I end up vomiting
  • A few times I slurred my words. This only last for 15-30 minutes at most. When this first happened I thought I was having a stroke went to the ER and that was ruled out. 
  • On my dizzy days if I keep my head straight and just move my eyes up or down dizzyness increases. 
  • I use to be a smoker and if I would have a cigarette when this is happening it makes everything 100% worse in the matter of a minute. 
  • I have noticed that if I sleep on my couch it has never happened.
  • I have gone to physical therapy hasnt helped at all 

I had all the vertigo tests done spinning chair, follow the dot without moving my head etc and everything comes back with no problems 

Does anyone have any idea what this all adds up to?


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Hello Mark

I'm so sorry you have had such a difficult time getting a diagnosis and therefore treatment. It's a long process sometimes with vestibular disorders. Often when the usual testing all comes back negative that indicates a Central Vestibular issue - not originating in the inner ear. It might be a good idea to see a neurologist to explore the possibilities of Vestibular Migraine or PPPD. A Vestibular Therapist (PT specialty) also is a wonderful resource and treatment option. Don't lose hope! There is help out there. 

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Hi Mark, I agree with Karen. Have you had a chance to follow up with a neurologist or a vestibular physical therapist? Don't loose hope on a physical therapist. There are many out there that are specifically trained in vestibular pathology. If the PT you initially went to didn't help, I would look into finding a specialist.