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I think I have vestibular neuritis

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In the third week of June 2023, I woke up and found I was unable to keep my balance. I felt like I was on a boat in stormy waters, rocking and reeling. Nausea hit and I could not keep anything down. I felt relief only when I was not moving, so I stayed in bed.

The next day my doctor did the Dix-Hall maneuver, saw no eye movement but diagnosed me with BPPV anyway. She prescribed anti-nausea meds and referred me for physical therapy. By the time I saw the PT, I was feeling somewhat better. The PT told me to get off the meds. She, too, did the Dix-Hall maneuver, saw no eye movement and said it must be BBPV anyway, on the right side. I told her I was feeling it on my left side. Whatever.

Seven weeks of PT helped a bit but did not cure it. We both realized that's all she could do. I continue to do some of the balance and eye exercises.

On the website, I compared the description of Meniere's and vestibular neuritis and my experience fits the VN to a T. It had an acute stage for about a week and now a chronic stage. I feel it on the left. It gets worse as the day goes on. My eyes also get bleary starting in the afternoon. I find it difficult to focus for more than a few minutes on certain tasks, like sewing and paper crafts. I get exhausted and irritable. I've cut out activities that make the vertigo worse. When I go out for a walk, it feels like I'm on a trampoline. 

I have no tinnitus or hearing loss. No spinning. Just rocking and reeling.

On, in the section on natural treatments, it lumps MM and VN together, because they're both thought to be inflammation caused by the herpes virus. With VN, it's the nerve connecting the inner ear to the brain. It suggests that lysine and gingko baloba may help. 

I've also done lots of research on lysine. So I'm off of coffee, tea, cocktails and chocolate, etc. I've looked at herpes-related websites for data on lysine/arginine ratios in foods and try to favor the lysine foods. I've started taking lysine and am now up to 3,000 mgs per day. 

I'd appreciate any other suggestions for diagnosing and treating VN. 

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I was diagnosed with vestibular neuritis in 2014. Sudden onset of very bad spinning vertigo which lasted many days. Spent about a week in hospital under the care of a specialist neurologist.  Once the spinning settled down I was dealing with general imbalance, couldn’t move my head at all. Was diagnosed vestibular neuritis pretty quickly after numerous tests and scans. One of those tests was a VEMP study which confirmed the nerves from my right side vestibular system were ‘fried’. Spent many months doing specialised vestibular/balance physio. I still struggle to this day with the permanent feeling of imbalance. The best description I can give is it feels like I am slightly drunk all the time. I no longer have the spinning sensation. I cannot be exposed to noisy environments, particularly noisy restaurants or bars. I can’t cope in those environments any more. Not sure if a VEMP study will give you any answers, but perhaps discuss with a medical professional about seeking a referral to a neurologist.