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Tingling in left side of face and the rest of body

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Hi, I would like to know if your condition is similar to mine, as it is somewhat complex.I had a stiff neck in March of this year, which is not unusual. However, after the stiff neck was treated, I developed numbness in my left side of my body, including my left arm and leg, my left side of my face, and my left side of my body. The symptoms were particularly bad in March, April, and May; I felt queasy when I yawned, I had a dead arm when I woke up, and I was unable to drive because I was experiencing numbness in my feet. I also still have tingling and numbness but now it is in my left leg, not just the left side, though it comes and goes. The left side of my face has been constantly numb since March, and I mean all the time, I get migraines for a few days each week, and my pinky and ring fingers are numb when I wake up from sleep.

PS: My brain, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine MRIs are clear, and my upper and lower limb EEGs are clear. My blood tests, which include those for B12, thyroid, CBC, diabetes, CRP, ANA, zinc, copper, and D3, are also normal, also, since the symptoms began, I experienced no pain or weakness in my arms or feet, just little tingling feeling, no pain at all.

I saw several doctors, each of whom gave me a different diagnosis. One said it was anxiety and that I should take antidepressant medicine, another suggested that I take neurobion, and the third was unsure.

I would appreciate any assistance.

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I’m sorry that you’ve been experiencing the symptoms that you have after a stiff neck. Usually symptoms of numbness and tingling within any extremities of the body, are not associated with vestibular disorders. I’m not negating any of your symptoms or your experience. I know it can be extremely frustrating to have so many tests done and not have a clear diagnosis. Without knowing the different types of specialists that you have seen; based on the symptoms that you have described in regards to numbness and tingling, it sounds as though there may be a neurological issue involved. You would want to see a neurologist for this. Hopefully, the right one will be able to assist you further.

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Since different doctors have offered different diagnoses, it may be helpful to see a specialist neurologist or neurologist for a more in-depth investigation. It is important to obtain additional opinions and recommendations from a specialist who specializes in neurological disorders to clarify the diagnosis and determine the optimal treatment.