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Toe Pain

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I received my second dose of Meridian back in May, I didn't have many issues from the shot, I felt slightly tired but in a good way, just wanted to sleep, low grade fever 99.7 and slight rash where the injection took place for a few days, otherwise nothing to write home about!  I did take it easy for a few days, treating myself as if I had the flu. I'm 57, female in good health, no meds etc. I was a runner and ran up until the day I received my second dozes.  About a week later my big toe became very painful, to the point I could not run, and walking hurt, also a slight swelling at the toe joint. This has been issued since, now the toe has a burning sensation.  Some days both my feet hurt to the point it is hard to walk and the one big toe is very painful, hurts if I try to bend it downward or if the blankets push it down. Just wondering if anyone easel has had this, if so, did you get any answers? Never had feet problems in all my 13 years of running.  Thanks Ann P

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