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Can Meniere’s last months? Vestibular neuritis at the same time?

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Randomly, I had acute onset dizziness that quickly became so severe I was hospitalized several days since I had a hard time walking, eating, and drinking. CT/MRI/carotid US/COVID test/chest rads/ECG all normal. At the time no hearing loss and VNG showed RIGHT vestibular neuritis. LEFT ear felt like someone inflated a high pressure balloon and sounds were distorted. Left face sided headaches. Since then with vestibular rehab the dizziness is better and balance is still off but slowly improving (going on 1.5 months now). However, now I have constant tinnitus and headaches almost every day. The first ENT said it was right sided vestibular neuritis and TMJ on the left. This seemed odd since my jaw didn’t really hurt but I followed recommendation of soft foods and NSAIDs for two weeks. When that didn’t work a second ENT retested my hearing and now I do have hearing loss detected in my left ear. They diagnosed likely Meniere’s and gave the option to try a diuretic. They said Meniere’s can last this long, but everything I have read online says it should be gone after a day. It seems so coincidental to have Meniere’s in one ear and vestibular neuritis in the other at the exact same time (or TMJ) and lasting close to 50 days now. I have had dizzy spells in the past that only lasted a day, but never this long. COVID vaccines were many months ago and no new meds. Anyone have a Meniere’s attack last this long or vestibular neuritis at the same time? 

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