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Unknown vertigo

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For the last two years I have suffered from vertigo with a floating sensation for months afterwards. My first episode happened March 5, 2022 where I had spinning vertigo for 3-4 days they once the vertigo subsided I had a constant floating sensation for three months.

I went back to 100 percent normal and on April 13, 2023 I had the same situation happen but with two weeks of tinnitus and ear fullness which hasn’t returned since. The floating feeling is still happening and won’t subside like last year.

My MRI and CT scan are normal. My Eng/vng showed lesions in my left ear.

Any help or anyone experiencing the same symptoms I would like to hear your story.

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At this time, it is important to continue to see doctors and specialists for further examination and determination of possible causes and treatment. Episodes of dizziness and floating sensations can have a variety of causes, including ear problems or neurological disorders. Discuss your treatment options with your doctor and follow his or her recommendations for help.