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Vertigo when sitting or lying down

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I was wondering if anyone has been struggling with the same symptoms as me.


2017 - Had a bad cold and a strange feeling in my ear. For weeks afterwards I had a nautical dizziness while I was walking or sitting. Felt exactly like I was on a boat that was rocking side to side. Physio explained that this was due to Vestibular Neuritis in the right ear, this diagnosis has been questioned by ENT specialists as I did have very mild symptoms. However the symptoms slowly faded over a couple of weeks.

2019 - BPPV attack (right rear). Physiotherapist performed Epleys and instantly better. No symptom after first treatment.

2020 September -  Typical BPPV attack (right rear). Rotational vertigo. Went to physiotherapy and they performed Epleys and it relieved the the rotational vertigo. But I still had a "lag" in my head as if watching a YouTube clip which sometimes had very short lags. When I was walking on the road it felt like I was walking on a very uneven surface. When sitting down I noticed that I was being pulled left/right/up & down about once every two seconds.

2021 February - Cold with pressure in the ear. Mild tinnitus in same ear. When walking it feels like the world is tilted towards the right, I can walk straight but I need to compensate for it (nobody else can notice the compensation). I feel nausea when looking at screens and mobile. The movement where I am being pulled up/down/left right is now present when I an lying down feels like being in an airplane in light turbulence with sudden jolts (all inside my head). Contacted GP, MRI of the head, blood tests and screening test for hearing is done. Nothing abnormal. Test with VNG googles show need for vestibular rehabilitation (nystagmus etc) - perform 6 week program (but I still continue with the exercises today). Tests with VNG show improvement but no improvement of symptoms themselves. Panic attacks and anxiety of what the symptoms are and why it is worse when I lie down doesn't help the situation. GP suggests PPPD might be an explanation but for me lying down / being still is the worst which is not the traditional PPPD diagnosis.

2021 March - No longer being drawn towards the right when walking. Still movement in my head but anxiety levels goes down.

2021 April - Wake up feeling dizzy almost every night. Not the rotational dizziness but very strong jolts in the head. Tests shows BPPV on left year (rear) (previous times it has been the right ear). Treatment in chair, not the immediate effect that the previous BPPV maneuvers had given me but feel woozy in my head after the treatment. Suggested to try Semont maneuver instead of Epleys as it could potentially trigger new BPPV attacks. Still a lot of movement in the head when I am lying down, still the turbulence in the head. Movements are context specific so I "forget" them when I am concentrating or when I drift of to sleep. 

2021 May - Nausea is back - physio says BPPV in right ear is back (rear). Nausea eventually wanes after a few days but still the ever ongoing turbulence in the head is still there. Anxious and trouble sleeping.

2022 June - Visit to Neurologist, examination completely normal. Some nystagmus was observed. Rombergs test showed "very good balance" etc. Suspected Cervicogenic dizziness and stretching/physio alleviated some of the movement in the head but still turbulence when I lie down. Also a follow up test at physio with VNG shows no nystagmus and all functions very good, this was however on a "good" day. I have good and bad days like most other people.

So to summarize: I have had a feeling of being on a plane in light turbulence for the past 4-5 months. I suspect that I have hade multiple different factors weighing in such as bouts of:

  • BPPV
  • PPPD(?) Although I would describe it as being hypersensitive to symptoms/unsteadiness and therefore more anxious when lying rather than meeting the PPPD criterias fully
  • Stress. Although I don't feel stressed it is obvious that the pandemic has been stressful in many different ways for all of us in 2020-2021 with uncertainties both in terms of health and jobs.
  • Cervicogenic dizziness from anxiety
  • General damage to the balance system from previous infections in 2017. Although many people claim that this should not affect since it was back in 2017 I have also heard that it can make you more sensitive.

My question: I have not been able to find much information about the light turbulence in the head that I am feeling constantly and especially when lying/sitting down.  I am not sure about how to try and find a recovery strategy as I don't have problems with agoraphobia, walking or poor balance. I don't have headaches or any noticeable hearing loss. 

Does anyone out there recognize themselves in my symptoms? 






Gloria M
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Highly recommend this book:

And do a google search on Rock Steady by Joey Remeny for more information. She gives all of us living with vestibular problems hope. Gloria