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Stress Triggers

David Morrill
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What types of activities make you anxious and panicky? And how do you cope with those activities or how do you reduce your stress during those activities?

Jones Paul
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I used to be stressed many times because of work. That made me extremely tired. I had a lot of negative emotions and thoughts that kept coming to me. I was from a healthy 92kg person to only 68kg. My body was like a dead body, mentally sluggish. I used to find a lot of ways to reduce stress by taking antidepressants, going to bed early, doing easy exercise, but nothing changed. Seeing me like that, my girlfriend was very worried and asked all over the forums. Someone told me to listen to relaxing music combined with yoga and meditation. My girlfriend said that I could give it a try. Miraculously, I felt like I was immersed in music. My soul was cleansed, all worries disappeared. I didn't expect the way to deal with stress was so simple. I'm not sure if this will work for everyone, but hopefully, someone who is stressed can give it a try to clear their mind. Thank Clara so much! The playlists that I've been playing recently are: Relaxing Music

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