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This started more than 30 days ago. After going swimming, first thoughts it was vertigo but no spinning. Saw ENT and he could not see any infection. After taking sterioles and and antibodies ended up in the ER Bloodpressure was  too high never had any history of high pressure. The ER did a cat scan and saw sinusus issues on right side. Back to the ENT Dr, he gave me allergy medicine started on them for 6 days so far. I did end up with vertigo and did the eply mannewer,which stop the vertigo. I am now doing the vestibular excercise for my eyes seeing a PT. Go back to ENT dr on the 21 . Would like to find a Vestibular expert in my area. Concerns that Dr may not have experience with what’s going on. I walk everyday, do some excercise lift a few weights each morning. By the end of the day I am exhausted. 


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Have your symptoms cleared up? My sister was recently diagnosed with vertigo 6 months later after receiving shot. She was healthy before this. My uncle and a friend of ours mysteriously got dizzy spells which Doctors are saying vertigo. Here is a link of others with similar symptoms. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that people around the world are having similar issues after receiving the vax. Hope you are feeling better.

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