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Anyone else triggered by sounds?

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I'm having problems where certain sounds, primarily very soft motor noises, trigger all kinda symptoms - tinnitus, balance problems, 'fuzzy head' feelings, difficulty concentrating. I have underlying orthostatic intolerance associated with ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, aka Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), also balance problems (have to hang on to something when I look at the sky or turn around). But this new symptom is really messing with my ability to be on my laptop.

It's not a problem on my iPad. It's better when I unplug the external hard drives from my laptop, but I still have problems. About 15 years ago I had something similar when an air filter was placed behind my recliner; could barely hear when it was on, but unplugging it immediately relieved my symptoms. That episode resulted in a diagnosis of vertigo migraine.

I tried noise-cancelling headphones, but they didn't help much at all.

Other sounds don't bother me, just these.

Anyone else identify with this? Any ideas on how I can work on my laptop for more than a half hour at a time?


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Hi and welcome to the forum, I don’t have this particular vestibular diagnosis but can certainly emphasize how difficult  it can be. Here is an article with some coping skills to help you manage your very challenging days. I hope this helps you!