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I had vestibular neuritis initial four months ago. But still having dizzy sensation all the time

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I had vestibular neuritis a major attack out of the blue four months ago at the end of January. It seemed to be getting better but there is this lingering dizziness. Especially when I'm walking. I thought that one recovered fully from VN. Has anyone had a VN attack and then fully recovered?

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Yes! I suffered for months post J&J vaccine and saw so many doctors trying to get a diagnosis. My symptoms include horrible dizziness, vision problems, problems thinking and processing any information, bad anxiety. After much begging I got into Physical Therapy for vestibular rehab. I started seeing results within a few days. After 6 weeks of PT, I saw a dramatic improvement in frequency and severity of attacks. Now they are just feeling a little woozy and resting for an hour or two is enough to clear it. Before PT, I would be knocked out for days. I highly recommend physical therapy- the therapists seem to understand this vestibular disorder better than any doctor.  My PT explained it that I needed to retrain my brain to learn movement.  I hope this helps. This has been a horrible, life changing ordeal

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