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Hello everyone,

I did a quick search on the forums and did not find any posts on or about cholesteatoma. I know it is on the rare side but the symptoms after can be simular to many of the others on here. Dizziness, Vertigo, Migranes and many others. 

I thought I would reach out and see if there were anyother Ctoma people here 🙂

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Hello.   I’m actually on here due to my Covid induced vestibular neuritis.  But my daughter had a cholesteatoma as a teenager 5 years ago (when it was finally discovered)  My battle to get her appropriate medical care was a tough one. I’m sorry you’re in that spot now too.  She had the dizziness vertigo and migraines.  Such a struggle to get anyone to believe they were present and that the surgery made them worse,  in the short term at least.  

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oh yeah I had it 35 yrs ago and its back it sucks