Accredited Online Colleges and Disability Education

Posted by Kerrie Denner

Finding a sustainable, accommodating job can be difficult for someone with a disability; while the unemployment rate for those without disabilities is about 8%, for individuals with a disability, it is a whopping 15%. As with the general population, the level of education and training after high school that a person with disabilities receives is a key factor in their ability to find work. The unemployment rate for all groups with a four-year degree or higher is only about 4%.

Arranging Accommodations

Searching for Stillness with Bioidentical Hormones

Posted by Cynthia Ryan

It was a beautiful July day for a boat ride in Newport, RI, until Jeanne Driscoll, age 46, stepped off the boat and the rocking didn’t stop. Jeanne had two similar experiences several years earlier, the first after an airplane flight and another after a week on a cruise ship. In those previous experiences Jeanne gradually felt better after a few weeks and her life returned to normal.

Balance Awareness Week

Posted by Cynthia Ryan

Defeat Dizziness

This is Balance Awareness Week!  September 16-22, 2012

The goal of Balance Awareness Week is to “defeat dizziness” by helping people recognize the symptoms of a vestibular disorder, and urging them to seek help from a professional vestibular specialist. In addition, VeDA encourages the friends, family and coworkers of those suffering from a vestibular disorder to learn more about how balance dysfunction can impact their loved one’s ability to perform common day-to-day activities.


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