CMS Cuts Physical Therapy Reimbursements

Posted by Cynthia Ryan

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently approved fee changes for 2021 involving extensive cuts to services that affect individuals with vestibular conditions. For physical therapy, the cuts are estimated at 8% with additional cuts estimated for audiology, social work, chiropractic care, and many other disciplines.(1) 

Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Cynthia Ryan

A vestibular patient's wish list may look a little different than most. Rather than looking for the next best gadget or fun experience, they seek gifts that are functional or provide comfort. Here is a brief list of thoughtful gifts you can share with your friends and family who want to support you in your vestibular journey.

Chair Yoga Flow

Posted by Christina Conner

This is a beginning chair yoga routine that is perfect for people who want to stretch, relax and strengthen, but are unable to stand for a practice. You can flow from one pose to the next, using the breath to guide you in a steady pace. Or you can do each pose separately holding for 10 seconds or longer. As you become comfortable with this practice feel free to repeat poses and hold for longer. You can also look up other poses to add. There are full-length chair yoga practices that offer all the benefits of standard yoga classes. Breathe, smile and relax. 

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