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RE: Hearing loss following vaccine

I am advised to take the third dose of Covid 19 Vaccine. I have heard that many health issues are arising for people above the age of 45 and I can't a...

2 months ago
RE: Undiagnosed sensation of partial blockage in the left ear

I went for a hearing test due to the partial blockage of my right ear. I was suggested to check with an ENT and they told me that hearing tests can so...

2 months ago
RE: cataract surgery & complications from meniere's disease

I had used contact lenses my entire life and had a myopia of -3.00 D in both of my eyes prior to having cataract surgery for myopia. Because I couldn'...

3 months ago
RE: Covid-19 Vaccine side effects

From the above discussions, I understood the side effects of Covid 19. To be very frank this kind of discussion gives more insights about our concern...

9 months ago