Dizziness 101

Imagine if You Could Develop a Framework to Guide Your Assessment and Treatment of Dizziness

This 4 hour online course was developed specifically to help you build that framework combining evidence base and years of clinical experience.

Specifically, the course will review how the vestibular system works, common vestibular disorders and their treatment principles, as well as step by step instructions how to treat the most common form of BPPV.

Whether you work with a sports team, with seniors, in a hospital, or a bustling private practice you may be looking to improve your understanding of dizziness as you get stuck at times with what to do. We get it as we have been there.

For the investment of 4 hours and the cost of the course you will have one year, 24/7 on demand access to the course which includes:

  • PDF downloads of the slides that you can reference as needed.
  • Multiple “cheat sheets” for rapid access during your busy day.
  • Downloadable images that are copyright and royalty free for you to use for educational purposes.
  • Step by step videos demonstrations and written instructions of all the techniques covered in the course.
  • Video demonstrations of positive oculomotor findings associated with central and peripheral vestibular disorders.
  • A literature review with a PDF of the references.
  • Numerous BONUS’ that will help reinforce the material covered.
  • Course certificate.

This course is applicable for PT, OT, NP, AT & Audiology.

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