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Symptom Checker

What is the Isabel Symptom Checker?

The Isabel Symptom Checker is a highly sophisticated medical knowledge system adapted from the professional Isabel Diagnosis Checklist System. Its job is to take a set of symptoms and present back a list of possible diagnoses that could be the cause of those symptoms. Each diagnosis is linked to knowledge to help you read up on the disease and learn more about it. The intention is not that you should bypass the doctor and diagnose yourself but to become more informed and be able to have a more balanced and productive discussion with your doctor or healthcare provider about your diagnosis.

When Should Isabel Be Used?

Isabel Symptom Checker

Isabel should be used when you have doubt about the diagnosis that your doctor has made about you. Everybody will have a different threshold before they have doubt but a good rule of thumb is that your doubt and concern should be based on the number of symptoms you have and how long you have had them. If you have had just one mild symptom for 2 days then it is far less likely to be anything serious than if you have had 2-3 symptoms lasting for 3-4 weeks, for example. You are the person who knows most about your symptoms, such as how long you have had them, how painful they are and whether they are getting worse or better so, if you feel concerned that you are not being listened to by your doctor, then that is a perfect time to use Isabel.

The Isabel Symptom Checker allows you to enter a list of symptoms and view possible associated diagnoses.