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For Your Doctor Visit

Article Summary

To get the most out of your doctor’s visit it is helpful to assess and record your symptoms and your medical history. VeDA makes it easy by providing you with tips and tools you can download, including:

  • Medical History Form
  • Questions for Your Doctor
  • How to Choose a Vestibular Healthcare Specialist
  • Symptom tracking apps

Be Prepared

Whether you have just started experiencing symptoms of a vestibular disorder or have already been diagnosed, to get the most out of your visits with your doctor it is helpful to assess and record your symptoms and your medical history.

Following are some links to forms that you can fill out and bring with you to your appointment, as well as other hints on how to be prepared to take full advantage of the limited time you have to talk with your doctor in person.

Basic tips for preparing for an appointment with your doctor

Patient forms

Mobile apps

  • Vertige: Includes a daily episode log to track vertigo, dizziness, headache, and off-balance severity with graphs that show changes over time. Turn on location tracking to pull in weather and barometric pressure data. Freemium and premium versions.
  • Bequalise: A holistic wellness app that provides tips on nutrition, mental health and fitness customized for your vestibular condition. Includes a pill reminder diary and provider directory (in development). Currently in the beta testing stage.
  • Apo Tech Care: Monitors vertigo and auditory symptoms and synthesizes your data so you can share it with your healthcare professional.

How to Explain Your Symptoms to Your Healthcare Professional