Healthcare Professionals

Professional Membership

Join VeDA's network of vestibular specialists by becoming a professional member or renewing your membership:

Individual memberships are for vestibular healthcare professionals in private practice, or if you are the only vestibular specialist at your clinic or hospital.

VeDA offers two levels of Group Practice Membership: Small group memberships include up to 5 professionals. Large group memberships include up to 10 professionals.

Benefits of Professional Membership

VeDA Professional Membership BadgeSign up to receive...

  • A listing for each member in our healthcare provider directory, where patients can search for vestibular specialists by name, location, and specialty. You can also list states in which you practice telehealth.
  • Unlimited access to electronic copies of all of VeDA's patient education materials, co-branded with your clinic's contact information.
  • VeDA brochures to distribute to your patients.
  • A complimentary subscription to VeDA's quarterly newsletter, On the Level, which includes up-to-date information on research, news, and training opportunities for professionals.
  • The opportunity to post workshops and training opportunities on VeDA's website.

Professional members can also post research studies to recruit participants.

Joining with more than 10 Professional Members?

Corporate-level memberships are tailored to suit your organization's needs. Contact Michelle Eyres at 503.294.9085 or via email at [email protected].