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As a vestibular specialist, you're trained to treat patients with dizziness and imbalance. But are physicians referring those patients to you?

Many physicians are not aware of the benefits of vestibular rehabilitation therapy. You can help them help their patients with your services.

A ten-minute presentation can help you demonstrate to a physician in your network how their patients can benefit from your compassionate coaching and support. Working as an integrated healthcare team is essential to maximizing patient outcomes. VeDA can help you build these connections.

What You Need

We'll provide you with everything you need to connect with physicians in your network and educate them about what you can do for their dizzy patients, and why they should refer patients to you. These materials are free to you as a professional member of VeDA.

10-Minute Presentation

You only get ten minutes with a busy physician, so you need to make your case quickly but thoroughly. Our presentation gets to the point while covering all the bases.

Speaker Notes

To keep your presentation clean and clear, we've pared it down to the essential. But worry not! You'll know how to fill in the blanks with our detailed speaker notes.


Dr. Danielle Tate explains the keys to establishing relationships with physicians and what a presentation should look like, with the help of Dr. Abbie Ross.

Quick Tips

Just follow our easy checklist to make sure you're crossed all your "t's" and dotted all your "i's."

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We'd love to hear about your success and any feedback for improvements or other tools that can help you improve your practice.