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People who struggle with vestibular disorders share a common experience. However, cultural differences and different healthcare systems can affect one’s care and experience.

The Vestibular Disorders Association (VeDA) supports and empowers people with dizziness and balance disorders from all over the world. We have built a global community where you can find help and support no matter where you are.

This page offers a bespoke look into vestibular resources customized for people in the UK and surrounding areas.

Get Started

If you are not sure where to start, check out VeDA’s New Patient Toolkit for 7 simple steps that will help you get on the road to recovery.

Get Care

In the UK healthcare is supplied free at the point of care through the British National Health Service (NHS). Waiting times to access care are often long, months to even years. Patients can also choose to pay for private hospital medicine, either out of pocket or through private insurance plans.

VeDA is doing all we can to support people seeking answers to their vestibular healthcare questions during these difficult circumstances, wherever you are in the world or your clinical journey.

Get Support

Life on the Level Support Group is a community of fellow vestibular sufferers who provide positive mental and emotional support. Their group meets virtually so you can join from anywhere.

Patient Stories


Learn from other UK-based vestibular sufferers about how they have learned to navigate the medical system and adjust their lifestyle to live and thrive with a vestibular disorder.

Life Rebalanced Chronicles

Ask the Experts

Check out VeDA’s “Ask the Experts” podcast interview with Prof. Peter Rea from the UK and Dr. Joel Goebel from the US, who compare vestibular care “across the pond.”

Professional Associations


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