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[Sticky] How to use this forum

Ms. Cynthia Ryan MBA
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VeDA's online forum is a place for you to share, ask questions of your peers (i.e. other people who struggle with vestibular impairment), and gain support from a community that understands what you are going through.

This forum is moderated by volunteers, most of whom are not healthcare professionals. 

If you have questions about your healthcare, please contact your healthcare provider.

If you are looking for educational resources about vestibular disorders and/or a referral to a vestibular healthcare provider, please contact VeDA's Community Support Coordinator at [email protected] or (800) 837-8428.

You may also want to subscribe to V-News, VeDA's monthly e-newsletter, to receive notifications about events, new and updated articles, and special offers.

Rules of engagement:

Rule 1: There is no spamming allowed.

Rule 2: Personal attacks or harassment against any member of the forum is not allowed.  

Rule 3: No solicitations please.

Rule 4: No degrading or putting down other websites.

Rule 5: Avoid using profanity or offensive language. Keep it clean!

Rule 6: Typing an entry in all caps can be considered rude, and is the equivalent to YELLING. Constant “shouting” will turn off other chatters. Keep the “noise” to a minimum.


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Victor liked
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How do I make posts on my forum?


Kim Loomis


Andree Scollard
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Hi Kim, 

You do exactly as you did here,  find your thread and make a post or reply to one.

Thank you, 

VeDA staff