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Hi everyone I'm new here. Still trying to find my way around this forum.  I was diagnosed in 2019 with bppv and pppd.

Mine started the morning after a funfair ride.  Woke up with severe vertigo thought I was having a stroke and rushed to hospital.  Hallpike test negative "although I'm not sure he did it properly" went to the GP a week later epley negative mild inflammation in ear.  3 weeks prior to the vertigo ear pain in both ears.

Symptoms: vertigo when laying down stops when I sit up, pppd symptoms, blocked ear with tinnitus, extreme tiredness, severe anxiety, achy eyes.  

So that's me in a nutshell 😀

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Hi Sunny. I’m glad you found this forum. I have Vestibular Migaine. It’s difficult to have conditions that are invisible and many doctors don’t know much about. I encourage you to ask questions and share whenever you desire. We are all in this together. 😀

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I am also new to this forum but, unfortunately, not new to the world of vertigo. Some 20-odd years ago I was diagnosed with vertiginous migraine, a term which is no longer used. I suffered daily short episodes of vertigo and headache, with longer stretches of complete horizontal life before a wonderful neurologist prescribed amitriptyline, which gave me back my life. I took that drug daily with infrequent dosage changes to manage increases and decreases in headache and vertigo for 16 years. Then, a new primary care doctor  inexplicably changed my prescription to Topamax, which was okay until about two years ago, when the vertigo came roaring back on a daily basis.  Since then, I have seen multiple neurologists, ENT's, a neuro-otologist, and even visited the Mayo Clinic with my new diagnosis of vestibular migraine.  I have taken countless migraine and dizzy drugs, had five rounds of Botox injections, tried physical therapy (now on that again), tried acupuncture, CBD oil, am in therapy with an LCSW, and am in my second leave of absence from teaching high school English. I can be fine one minute, practicing yoga balance poses or going up the stairs or standing at my board teaching, then slide to the floor and have to be carted out in a wheelchair. The latest doctor said I needed a vestibular neurologist, which doesn't seem to exist in East Tennessee. I am tired, so frustrated, and typing this from the kitchen floor. My friends and family have kept me going thus far, but I am running out of hope and good will. That's where I am today. Thank you for allowing me to share.