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Decompensation after COVID

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Has anyone experienced decompensation after a period of immobility and/or isolation during the COVID lockdowns? Many patients are triggered by being in social environments. During COVID your symptoms may have improved because you were in forced isolation. Now that restrictions are being lifted, some vestibular patients have reported that their symptoms are returning, and they are worse because their vestibular system wasn't being challenged by as much visual, auditory and proprioceptive input. Share your experience, and let's talk about what can be done to get back to balance (so to speak:).

Dr. Danielle Tolman DPT
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As a clinician, I have been seeing this so much in the last year! Many patients with a history of vestibular dysfunction are reporting that symptoms have returned, even if it has been years since they last had difficulties with their vestibular disorder. COVID not only facilitated their vestibular systems to decompensate, but it also made coping with symptoms more difficult and isolating affecting their quality of life. When I first started seeing this trend occur, it was hard to find ways to keep patients active that did not go against lockdown restrictions. At least now we are getting to a point in this pandemic where people are finally starting to feel safe enough to start walking and exercise programs again. 

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I was always activated inside my house and I see no effects




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